Signs Of Malnutrition

Malnutriton = Undernutrition, overnutrition.

When someone is malnourished the physically evidence is quite obvious if you know where to look.

Oral Symptoms; may develop swollen and bleeding gums that can be reversed and in the worst cases tooth decay which is permanent damage.

Musculoskeletal Symptoms; developing fragile bones, experiencing muscle loss, increased weakness and fatigue. Common cases like osteoperosis caused by lack of Vitamin D and Calcium.

Mental Symptoms; causing a slower reaction time in the brain and body, and in elders dementia and memory loss.

Decreased Organ Functions; including cardiovadcular disease, liver disease, decreased lung capacity, kidney failure, intestinal issues, improper bowel movements and in some females irregular/abnormal menstrual cycles.

Abdominal Symptoms; when a persons body is deprived of proper nutrition it can lead to having a bloated abdomen a painful symptom caused when the liver, kidneys or intestinal tract is affected.

Dry Skin; malnutriton can lead to abnormally dry skin and in severe cases cracked skin.

Weight Changes; unintentional weight change is a big sign of someone’s unhealthy or improper diet. Due to your diet not consisting enough healthy foods your body can lose an unhealthy amount of weight and nutrients. If your diet consists of too much zero nutrient foods and unhealthy eating habits you are prone to gaining weight to the extent of being obese.

Disease; lacking the proper vitamins in your diet can lead to diseases such as scurvy, caused by the lack of vitamin C in your body. Anemia cause by low iron and vitamin C deficiency, low blood sugar levels, hypertension, acne, skin conditions like boils and dry patches and in some cases thyroid problems.

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