Change Your Cookware. Change Your Life.™

You are what you eat. And healthier cooking leads to a healthier lifestyle. Saladmaster is a new way to cook that will transform the way you feel. Saladmaster is leading the movement back to healthy home cooking. We believe incremental changes in combination with other beneficial factors are ideal for improving a person’s life. We inspire people to eat better, live better, and achieve the life they desire. Transform how you cook and how you feel. Start a new healthy lifestyle with Saladmaster.
Green Remedy is proud to carry Saladmaster cookware. By having the right equipment and ingredients in your kitchen, healthy living becomes easy to achieve.

Here are just some of the many reasons why Saladmaster is the right choice in cookware:

  1. You spend a fraction of your time cooking, preparing your meals quickly and efficiently
  2. It maintains the colours, aromas, flavours and up to 98% of the nutrients of the food you are cooking like no other cookware
  3. It plays a crucial role in your healthy lifestyle making you feel fantastic and contributes to your weight loss!
  4. It diminishes your oil and fat intake by over 80% and virtually eliminates the need for the use of salt

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