Saladmaster Presentation

HOST A 1 -2 COUPLE DINNER OR LUNCH Healthy Cooking Show for you & your spouse

Enjoy the night out of the kitchen with our in home healthy cooking class for you and your family. No need to invite any guests, we will cook for you and your spouse. We will prepare 2-3  delicious courses, conduct a cookware test, and share healthy recipes and nutritional information.

Learn How To: · Increase the nutrition in your cooked foods · Learn how to cook GREEN saving 70% of your energy · Reduce unhealthy fats and oils and retain flavor · More efficient healthy cooking methods · Save money on your grocery bill · Prepare healthy foods that kids like · Make cancer-preventive food choices · Learn about the most health conscious cookware · Health effects of various kinds of cookware It will be an entertaining, educational event about healthy cooking, cookware, nutrition, and prevention of diet related diseases.

Free gifts will be earned