Full Weight Loss Program




Welcome to the Green Remedy Weight Loss Program!


This 6-week program was created to cater to our many clients who have been frustrated with weight loss and need a real solution that will end their dieting days.


Green Remedy uses a simple and sensible approach that works specifically for your life and your schedule. Forget about feeling miserable and deprived – that’s not what our program is about. We want you to change your relationship with food, get educated on nutrition, and never have to worry about what you’re eating again. Our strategies and tips will teach you how to eat well, but more importantly, live well!

After our initial consultation, we will put together a plan specific to your needs and we will meet on a weekly basis to track your progress and make any changes to your program that you may need.You will also be provided with recipes that are easy to make and will make your taste buds happy . This program is designed to give you the tools you need to insert what you learn into your day-to-day life.


You can do this program at your own pace and together we will set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals.


Don’t think of the weight loss program as just a way to shed pounds. It’s about a complete lifestyle overhaul. We want you to be healthy, to live longer, and to enjoy your life. Our program offers support every step of the way and we’re committed to your success.

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