What others say about us

“The show was a great learning experience, Golnaz was informative and managed to answer all my questions. Persuasion wasn’t a need when i purchased the Saladmaster cookware. Great community!”

Vesta Ghanavati

“As a chef I’ve had experience with the multiple cooking tools. The ease with which i can use Saladmaster is astonishing. My meats come out tasting much better and the overall preperation has cut time in the kitchen in half! Brilliant product.”


“Being a very health concious person myself, I had high expectations of the product, and it managed to meet every single one! Golnaz was a delight to have in our home!”

Daniella Vahidi

Easy clean up, easy prep, and healthy food? Sign me up! Overall great presentation and learning experience. Thanks Golnaz!

Fatemeh Eskandari

“Golnaz was able to create an entertaining cooking show right inside my kitchen. Great meal, great company. She created a great atmosphere to learn and enjoy in.”


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