Specialized Consultations


Pregnancy, Postnatal and Infant Health Consultation ($67 price on competitor page)


Green Remedy offers a variety of nutritional consultation options forexpectant mothers, new mothers, as well as newborn babies:


Prenatal Nutrition: We teach you how to eat healthily while pregnant and you’ll learn how easy it can be to nourish yourself and your baby for a healthy pregnancy. This includes a pregnancy meal plan.

Postnatal Nutrition: Losing baby weight is a struggle but with our postnatal nutritional consultation you will learn how to eat properly and drop those post-pregnancy pounds effortlessly! We will teach you about the appropriate nutrients and calories that willprovide nourishment while takin you back to your pre-baby body and we also take into account your decision on breast-feeding. Includes meal plan and recipes.

Baby’s Nutrition: It’s important to learn everything there is to know when introducing new foods to your baby. With the knowledge we give you, you’re sure to feel confident knowing your child is receiving the healthiest and most complete nutrition. Includes recipes for your infant.

All of the options above include an hour long consultation and a full nutritional report withvarious lifestyle and nutrition suggestions to ensure continuing health for both mom and baby.

Children’s Nutrition ($147 competitors price)


This consultation come complete with nutritional assessment and a modifications made specifically for the dietary needs of children. We will sit down with you and your child for a full 90-minute consultation. During this time we will go over your child’s lifestyle, eating habits, andpossible health concerns. From the consultation findings, we can then develop an in-depth report that will assist your child in achieving their health goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we will provide you will a customized, full one-week menu plan of healthy and delicious recipes that will contribute to your child’s health and please their taste buds! This consultation also includes one 45-minute follow-up meeting.


Athletic Performance ($67 competitors price)


Being an athlete can take some serious toll on your body. Whether you want to get back to your physical peak or are training for an upcoming event – this is the consultation for you.

During this 60-90 minute consultation, you’ll receive a complete analysis of your lifestyle, eating habits, and performance expectations. With our help you will re-discover how tonourish your body with a meal plan that won’t cause digestive upset or slow you down when you’re about to display your athletic abilities.

You’ll also discover alternative protein options that may be able to improve your recovery time while building more muscle naturally. This service includes personalized recipes and meal plans designed for your individual needs and is great for all athletes.


Continued Support ($27 competitors price)


After you’ve been following the lifestyle changes suggested to you for some time, it’s always a good idea to schedule a session to check in and make sure you’re staying on track. This is when we will review your progress to see how far you’ve come toward achieving your health goals and if there need to be any further adjustments made.

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