Additional Individual Services

Additional Individual Services

Grocery Aid


Going grocery shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming and it’s easy to get confused about the right things to buy. Green Remedy will come along on your next grocery excursion and we will show you how to properly read nutrition labels, see through marketing on packaging, and look out for how food is packaged. An educational experience that will make you feel confident when stepping into a grocery store in the future.


Kitchen Cleanse


It’s hard to stay on track with healthy living if your kitchen is full of products that are ultimately detrimental to your health. The Green Remedy Kitchen Cleanse is the best way to purge your kitchen of any foods that could get in your way of succeeding in your nutrition goals.


Personal Shopping


We know that many of our clients have busy lifestyles and often don’t have the time to go grocery shopping in order to stay on track with healthy living. This is why we offer personal shopping services, because we are committed to your success. $37 plus the cost of groceries.


Lifestyle Overhaul Package


Green remedy understands that sometimes, you may need more support than a full nutritional consulting session. That’s where our overhaul package comes in.This package includes two full nutritional consultations, a kitchen cleanse, 
a grocery aid visit, along with a one-week meal plan complete with multiple recipes that are easy to make, taste delicious, and will contribute to your ultimate weight loss goals.

This package is valued at over $340 but Green Remedy offers it to our clients in the Overhaul Package for only $295. (This text is optional, maybe discuss with client first?)


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