Dangers Within Your Cookware

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, you may think of having an exercise regimen, changing your daily diet, and maybe even switching to all organic products. While these are healthy decisions to make, there is one area in which the majority of people are causing harm to their daily lives without even knowing it with their cookware.

The quality of your cookware should be just as important as diet and exercise. This is why Green Remedy recommends and endorses the use of Saladmaster cookware.

Your Current Cookware:


  • Teflon/ Non-Stick: Using this type of cookware – which can easily scratch or chip – gives its users and increased risk of ingesting chemicals such as C-8 which can cause nausea, chills, and other flu like symptoms. In extreme cases, using teflon and non-stick cookware can be linked to cancer and birth-defects for children.
  • Stainless Steel: Don’t be fooled by the name, stainless steel products are often made of scrap metals such as nickel or chrome, which do not resist high temperatures and can be released into the food you are cooking in it.
  • Enamel/Glass: Anyone that has used this type of cookware knows how frustrating it can be to cook with it. Food often sticks and burns due to uneven heat distribution, no matter how careful you are. This cookware also contains traces of lead which can be detrimental to your health in multiple ways and is linked to reproductive issues.
  • Cast Iron: There is a myth out there that by using cast iron cookware, people can someone ingest more iron. This is false – cast iron cookware is the most porous and grease often gets clogged in these pores each time you cook with them.


The Saladmaster Difference:


  • Uses 316Ti surgical stainless steel – this is the highest possible grade of steel used in any cookware line
  • This material is easy to clean and is non-porous which means that you can cook with the Saladmaster cookware line and never have to use oil or grease!
  • Resistant to chemical attacks and metal does not bleed out – Saladmaster is also completely free of lead
  • All metals used to produce the Saladmaster cookware line are new – not scrap metals
  • Saladmaster is non-corrosive, which means it will never scratch, chip or flake
  • Has a lifetime guarantee!
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