10 Best and Worst food choices for DIABETICS

Best; Veggies- Especially avocados and dark leafy greens Fruits-Berries,apples,pears, and orange colours are what to look for Beans Cereal-Flax,fiber Fish-Omega 3 fatty acids Extra lean protein Nuts-Epecially walnuts Olive oil-Cold pressed and extra virgin (in the tinted containers) Organic Yogurt Cinnamon   Worst; White Rice Potatoes Ketchup-Along with any other highly processed condiments to avoid […]

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Cleansing the body through nutrition

Detoxing the body through natural substances like vegetables and fruits is the best way to eliminate wastes and toxins and to nourish your body at the same time. Juicing is the perfect and most popular way to ensure both of these can happen. Be aware of what’s really in our food and take a better […]

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10 Best Brain Foods

The foods listed and highly recommended below are what will bring you the “brain power” you are hungry for. Most of us lack motivation to do the tasks at hand and don’t have a long enough attention span to get at the job. These foods will better your conditions and annoying habits as well as […]

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BEST and WORST Cooking Oils

Most of us don’t stop to think about what we are really using to cook our meal everyday, and aren’t aware of the long term affects and differences between the type of oils available for us to use. The best types of oils a person should look for are those that are Polyunsaturated  and Monosaturated. […]

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Signs Of Malnutrition

Malnutriton = Undernutrition, overnutrition. When someone is malnourished the physically evidence is quite obvious if you know where to look. Oral Symptoms; may develop swollen and bleeding gums that can be reversed and in the worst cases tooth decay which is permanent damage. Musculoskeletal Symptoms; developing fragile bones, experiencing muscle loss, increased weakness and fatigue. […]

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