About Us

Golnaz Rezaie


At Green Remedy, we believe in combining what we know in modern science and elements from the healing power of nature in order to create a healthy lifestyle for our clients. Golnaz Rezaei, Founder and Owner, is exceptionally versed in both of these areas. She holds an MA in Nutrition from UBC and is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and has dedicated her formal education to finding the best ways to inspire healthy living. Many of our clients are lifelong yo-yo dieters or have struggled to lost those dreaded “last ten pounds” for years on end. However, the problem always comes down to focus and the focus in fad diets is often restriction and deprivation. The team at Green Remedy want you to stop dieting and start living! The first step is changing your lifestyle, because our motto is,


“it’s not all about the food you eat - it’s how you prepare your food”


We not only want to make an impact on bettering your health and eating habits, we also want to impact how you feel – and you should feel good about yourself!